Grounding the Cloud

A Leadership Series by Todd D. Lyle

The Series

The Grounding the Cloud leadership series focuses on people. We are the soft side of technology. Detailing the human element, the series highlights leaders within organizations large and small, from the public and private sectors as well as academia and not-for-profits. Steadily growing from a landscaper’s story to the United States Department of Agriculture, Grounding the Cloud: A leadership series looks at tactical cloud services and their ancillaries, utility computing and strategic shared services. At every level of business and government each of these are a resource multiplier.

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Shared Services

Book III, Grounding the Cloud: Red, White and Shared Services pays tribute to four of our nation’s finest leaders. Therefore, to set the stage for continuity during times of disruption and to illustrate the steady bureaucratization of the United States, Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln were chosen as the muses for Book III.

We open in Washington, D.C. to learn from those on the ground, the how’s and why’s on educating Capitol Hill on the benefits of Shared Services. Upon smooth landing to Washington Reagan-National, we ally with Kevin Greer (formerly) of Accenture, Daniel Chenok at IBM, and Stephanie Mango at CGI Federal. Gaining their perspective, we turn to John Marshall at the not-for-profit Shared Services Leadership Coalition for his Shared Services world view.

Having gained a strategic perspective, we return to Cleveland, Ohio where at Case Western Reserve University, we meet Dr. Darcy Freedman to discuss healthful eating, Farmers’ Markets and 100 million dollars of USDA money.  From downtown, we travel east along Lake Erie to Madison Local Schools where we witness Shared Services in action, bridging the educational divide with Bob Cireddu, a Share Services pioneer in our midst. Continuing our look inside education, we meet with Pamela Greer, the Executive Director of the Shared Services Center at the University of Michigan. Pam addresses the growing pains felt by the human element as “Big Blue” migrated to, and sustains Shared Services in the 21st Century.

Red, White and Shared Services



United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

University of Michigan


Shared Services Leadership Coalition

Case Western Reserve

Big Data and Security

Hewlett Packard Enterprise PodcastCheck out Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s podcast featuring Todd as they discuss big data and security.


Book II, Grounding the Cloud: Big Data and the Alphabet of Security channels Thomas Edison as he exemplifies innovation specific to electricity. We leave Ohio and go coast to coast in search of real world examples of big data and security. First stop is Glendale, California where we meet Dan Block, formerly DineEquity Executive Director of Human Resources. Dan takes us into the world of managing HR systems for Applebee’s and IHOP. Logan Browne, Chief Technologist and Director, Cyber Security at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Sacramento takes us behind the scenes of security precautions at one of the world’s largest companies. North in Seattle, we visit with Microsoft’s Bob Herbold. Bill Gate’s COO gives his historical perspective on Big Data. Looking back to 1987, he discusses Procter and Gamble, Sam Walton, Walmart, and fresh flowers. Lastly, looking east, we take the red-eye to Dulles International to speak with William J. McBourrough, a cyber security consultant and Adjunct professor at the University of Maryland University College. With candor, William lays bare the real-world implications of weakness in the human element.

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Big Data and the Alphabet of Security



International House of Pancakes - IHOP

Procter & Gamble

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

University of Maryland

Basics and Brokerages

Hewlett Packard Enterprise PodcastCheck out Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s podcast featuring Todd as they discuss cloud computing.


Book I, Grounding the Cloud: Basics and Brokerages finds our muse Ben Franklin withstanding a lightning storm in his quest for knowledge, then comparing utility computing to the generation of electricity we break through the noise and jargon, acquainting the reader with Ohioans utilizing the cloud. In the Buckeye State, we meet Joe Drake. A small business owner of JFD Landscapes in Chagrin Falls, he shares his cloud migration journey. Tony Jones, the technical director of Alan Black Enterprises in Dayton, gives insight into transitioning a regional conglomerate from old-school technology to cloud-based solutions. Bill Wilson, Cleveland State University CIO, further exposes the soft side of technology with a tale of finger wagging and the human element.

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J.F.D. Landscapes

Duncan LLC

Cleveland State University

Grounding the Cloud: Basics and Brokerages

The Author

Todd D. Lyle is a leader. Currently his focus is on educating organizations about the potential for harnessing the human element through use of the cloud via a cloud services brokerage.

His fascination with the possibilities of accessible information technologies began when he was issued his first “laptop” while serving as a young lieutenant in a U.S. Army aviation regiment in South Korea. In 1988, a bulky Zenith SuperSport 286 portable computer was his first brush with “mobile” computing.

Years later, having served with IFOR in Bosnia as a Force Protection Officer, Lyle returned home and obtained a Master of Science in Risk Control from the University of Wisconsin – Stout in 1998. Shortly thereafter he was offered a leadership position with a major technology company. It was while working at Microsoft that Lyle became interested in utility computing, commonly referred to as the cloud.

Being aware of the potential of Shared Services via cloud computing, Lyle launched Duncan, LLC. to participate in the development, implementation and governance of this exciting new utility. At Duncan, Lyle assembled a business and technology savvy team that created “ingenious cloud computing services bundles that focus on affordable and customer-centric solutions.” *

Today Lyle draws on his military and private sector experiences to teach and talk about continuity, operations, security, and best practices when it comes to people using the internet. Lyle’s years of process development and his various wins and losses have allowed him to become a practical innovator in the realm of technology solutions.

*Gartner® Cool Vendor in Cloud Services Brokerages, 2012

Todd D. Lyle


Todd D. Lyle


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Red, White, and Shared Services

Big Data and the Alphabet of Security*

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Basics and Brokerages


Thank you for your interest in the Grounding the Cloud series. Be sure to look for Grounding the Cloud: Red, White and Shared Services in February of 2018.

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